TheOneRing - A high level perl class to bind all VCs together


 my $or = new TheOneRing();
 $or->dispatch("commit", "-m", "checking in some files", "file1", "file2");


TheOneRing is merely a wraper around child classes that knows how to pick which child class to load based on the current working directory. IE, if in a CVS checkout directory then the TheOneRing::CVS module is loaded and the child is called to process the command.

or is the command line wrapper around this class, and is what most users are expected to need.

Programming Child Classes

Most commands can be processed by simple definitions without coding that can be defined in the child's init() function. More complex conversion requirements can be done by defining a subroutine name for the action desired.

The TheOneRing::CVS module is actually a good reference module since it uses both the automatic command line mapping features as well as subroutines to implement it's goals.

Yes, much more documentation is needed here.


The command line wrapper: or(1)


Wes Hardaker <hardaker ATAT>