I have been using svk as a local (to my laptop) version control repository for quite some time (as well as using it to mirror remote svn trees). It's been a wonderful ride and has let me do a lot of offline work as well as had some additional features over SVN even when used locally.

But, it's dog slow (especially after mirror-ring a lot of stuff) so I decided to switch to git. Git is significantly faster and has a gazillion cool features to play with. The downside of git is that it's learning curve is beyond slow. It's painful. It hurts. But it's sort of like that good pain you get at the end of a hike. In the end, you'll be happy. The documentation for git is just plain awful. All of it. In part, I think, because it's that complex.

About svktogit

Anyway, I wrote svktogit to help me migrate my svk repositories to a git repository. It does things in the following steps:

The One Ring

And for those that hate switching between version control systems as much as I do, check out TheOneRing.


  # svktogit //local/project project.git

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