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I have been creating random projects for ages for various reasons. This is my slowly increasing list of things I've done and links to the (free) code. These do not include many of my other public projects, just projects that aren't hosted elsewhere.

Coding for Coding Sake

TheOneRingA command to manipulate all types of VCS systems
qmailcheckA simple multiple IMAP mailbox checking tool (biff-like)
APRS for MarbleAdds APRS support to the marble mapping program.
httpsumAnother apache logfile analyzer that provides good support for filtering and human-readability transformations.
download.cgiA script that can be used as an index.cgi script to list all the files in a directory according to a set of rules to follow.
trend-tracker.cgiA CGI script and utilities for collecting and analyzing data that changes over time.
svktogitCoverts a SVK local repository to a git repository

Emacs and Elisp

org-modeA generic export for Emacs' org-mode
gnus-highlight.elGeneric highlighting support for the Gnus mail/news reader
buffer-timer.elKeep track of the time you spend editing files and organize the results to help account for how much time you spend on each project.
switch-files.elA way to switch between corresponding pairs of matching code files. EG, loading this file and then typing C-x M-f inside a code.c file will switch to the code.h file. Inside a file, it'll switch to a code.xs file. Etc. Additionally, it will follow #include directives if sitting on the front of a #include file within a .c or .h file. C-x M-f on followed referenced files will always take you back to where you came from (nested references supported).
snmp-mode.elA hacked version of the original snmp-mode to add support for editing of SMIv2 style MIB documents.
bbdb-to-org-contacts.elConverts a BBDB database to org-contacts.

Random Others

rfcfindSearches an online cache of IETF RFCs for keywords, etc, and shows you the resulting list.
ietfmeDisplays an IETF agenda, maps, agendas, etc.

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